Everyone NEEDS a Mortar and Pestle…

For Christmas last year, I received a Mortar and Pestle from, my good friends, Isaac and Elizabeth.While I saw the aesthetic value,I could not immediately see the REAL value it held for my cooking.I now buy my spices from Colonel De.(Findlay Market) I buy small quantities and have discovered that,if I purchase whole spices and, pulverize (I’m LOVIN that word!)them as needed… my dishes taste completely different! If you cook on a regular basis,as I do then, I suggest that you throw ALL of your spices away and buy them whole and fresh. Get yourself a Mortar and Pestle and…

I LOVE my beautiful Stoneware Mortar and Pestle!

Pulverize until your heart’s content.I have also found that it is fun to smash a few spices and Herbs and make my own blends.Just a little at a time and I have found that your nose is an amazing tool in this undertaking…


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