I conjured up some AMAZING Porkchops!

I thought that I would experiment with my Whole Spices and my Beloved Mortar and Pestle.The results were astonishing! First I pulverized some Black Peppercorns and some Cardamom Seeds.I then smashed and, finely diced a couple of Garlic Cloves,Next,I added a couple of leaves of rubbed Sage.I heated a small amount of  Canola Oil in a small saucepan.The Oil was heated until it was Shimmering and, then the Spices were added and simmered for about 1 minute… just to allow spices to bloom( Heat to the point where the flavor peaks) Next I brushed the oil and spices on the Chops and, sprinkled some course Sea Salt over them.Finally I baked them on a cookie sheet at 350 for a bit.I then let the Chops rest for several minutes and Grated some Lemon Zest on them.OMG!Everyone knows that Lemon and Black Pepper are a Wonderful Couple but…the addition of crushed Cardamom was really a delightful surprise for me.I am really just starting my exploration of spices and… I have hit the jackpot!

I perched my delicious Pork Chop atop a bit of Fried Spaghetti with, a side of Butternut Squash coated with a tiny bit of Sugar and Cinnamon.


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