Good Coffee and a French Press!

Some of my favorite things...

If you LOVE your Coffee as much as I do,Don’t buy poor quality Coffee.If you are drinking your coffee as a Treat then…You MUST consider a French Press. I understand the need for a drip Coffee Maker when you are preparing a Thermos for your workday, but if you want an exceptional coffee to relax and enjoy during an intimate gathering of two or less, a French Press is in order….Optimally, Grinding your own Beans as you need them is considered the best option.I only purchase Coffee a week at a time so,grinding (If  I did not LOVE the ritual) Is not really necessary.

I ALWAYS add Cream to my coffee, as it is much more dessert like.Coffee Purists (like Ex-Smokers) are generally a Self Righteous lot, with no real place on our delightful planet. They always find Cream to be an assault on their senses.I say If it is an acquired taste…That must mean that it doesn’t taste good…


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