Fried Spaghetti Fritatta

I started my morning with a burning desire to use my Mandoline

I sliced a couple of small Potatoes and mixed them with some smashed, finely diced Garlic.A couple of fresh, Green Chili Peppers and, a small Sweet Onion.I tossed it all in some Canola Oil with several crumbled Sage Leaves and roasted it all on a baking sheet at 375F.

While the Vegetables were roasting, I boiled and then Fried some Spaghetti.I also Crumbled and browned some of  my Home Made Hot Italian Sausage with Fennel.

When the Vegetables,Sausage and Spaghetti were finished.I tossed the Sausage into the Roasted Potatoes and stirred in two beaten Eggs.I then lined the bottom of my Cast Iron Skillet with them.

I then mixed,the Spaghetti with another two beaten Eggs  a small bit of Cheese,Sea Salt and a generous amount of course ground Black Pepper.

I layered this atop the first layer and baked at 350F until the Eggs were a little Brown.


There really is no recipe…Just  stand back and throw in what you like.


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