Pan Seared New York Strip With a Butter,Onion and Thyme Pan Sauce!

Kroger had NY Strip on sale today so…I Brought home a 1 pounder and, went to work on it armed with America’s Test Kitchen’s Steaks,Chops,Roasts and Ribs.The results were STUNNING!

The Book recommends using a 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet.Heat that skillet  and make it VERY HOT! While doing this Coat both sides of the Steak with Salt and Pepper.(Salting your Steaks being bad for them, according to my research,is really a Myth)

Have all of your Ingredients at the ready,Because the skillet will be hot and this moves quite fast.

Once the skillet is VERY HOT Drop your Steaks in,Exactly where you want them because you only want to move them once.If you have more than 1 Steak make certain that There is at least 1/4 inch between them.

After about 5 minutes use Tongs to flip the Steaks.(No forks,You don’t want to let the juice escape)Sear it for another 5 minutes.Move the Steak to a plate and Tent it with foil.Turn the heat down to a low medium.

Pan Sauce recipe

2 Medium Shallots( Or a small, diced,Sweet Onion)

4 Tablespoons Cold Butter cut into 4 pieces

1 Teaspoo n of Lemon Juice

a few sprigs of fresh Thyme

Salt and Black Pepper

Add either Sweet Onion or shallot and Diced Garlic to the same skillet,cook for about 2 minutes and then add 4  tablespoons of cold butter stir and Scrape the browned residue in the bottom of the  skillet into the sauce.

When all of the Butter is melted…

Add the Lemon Juice…

And Thyme.Remove from Heat an give the Pan Sauce a few stirs…

Add some Salt to taste,Spoon over your Steak and…

Take a nice picture,and then…



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