Garlic Toast…My Way.

I am a true Garlic lover.There is ALMOST no such thing as TOO MUCH Garlic!This Garlic Bread is the result of months of preparing other dishes and, learning little tricks (mostly from,Lisa Nagel and, America Test Kitchens)…

I like to use my Home Made Bread( I wouldn’t afford this much attention to a store bought Bread)Real Butter,Fresh Herbs and Spices.And, I like Hard Aged Pecorino Romano.

Lisa Instructed me that Smashing your Garlic first allows the oil to escape and Basically, If I had a Garlic Press(Hint,Hint) this would serve the same purpose as my trusty Paula Deen(Let us now bow our Heads) Cutlery.

Pour a quarter inch of Oil in a small saucepan and heat until shimmering(see my lovely Photograph)

Toss your Garlic and Herbs in the hot oil and stir.Remove from heat immediately.You don’t want the Garlic to brown(Mine usually does)

Having Lightly Toasted my Bread( I like my Garlic bread to be crisp) Butter the Toast edge to edge,Drain the Oil from the Garlic mixture and spoon it on the toast.Grate some Cheese over everything sprinkle a bit of course Salt over it and… pop it in the oven for a few minutes.Usually the oven would be in use and my Garlic Bread would be the last thing out of the oven so… I turn the oven off and put it on a middle rack until the Cheese melts.

You can Eat this with anything.We all like different quantities of Garlic and different Herbs and Spices.Use whatever suits your fancy There really is no proper way.Whatever flavors you like,Rosemary,Basil Etc.It’s all GOOD!I have come to believe that Heating your Herbs and Spices quickly for a half minute or so is ESSENTIAL for unforgettable flavor.


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