Baked instead of Fried, Fries?

All that I wanted for dinner was French Fries.I usually don’t fry,Too messy and, VERY wasteful.You can bake ANYTHING that you can Fry…My apologies to Paula Deen!

Slice your Potato any way that Suits you…

Throw them around in a couple of Tablespoons of whatever Oil you wish…Peanut, would be Fab!

Spread them on a Baking sheet,Spice liberally with something tasty.I chose Salt Black Pepper and Thyme. Bake for an undetermined amount of time at 400, till brown and Crispy…

Dip them in Mayo or, Yellow Mustard or, Ranch or, B-Bque sauce or just douse them in Malt Vinegar as I have done.Even McDonald’s can’t top home made fries.For the meager investment of 15 minutes and a potato the payoff is SPECTACULAR!


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