Cookbooks too Expensive?Go to your Public Library!

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How did I prepare for a long weekend?

I decided to take a four day weekend…with only a little time needed for appointments.The plan is to rest, Cook and enjoy life.I spent the last week checking out Cook Books with which to immerse myself .The Library is an AMAZING  resource for my cooking obsession.The Internet is fine but, It can NEVER replace the feel and smell of a great book!


My Rye Recipe and, Bread Shaping Videos.

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My adapted,Tartine,Country Rye Bread

The night before I bake I add 100 grams King Arthur bread flour to 100 grams whole grain rye flour and 200 grams of 100 degree water. Then I add 1.5 Tablespoons of my starter. Mix in a glass bowl and cover until morning.
Next morning,I measure 800 grams of 100 degree water into a very large bowl and add a teaspoon of the sponge to the water,if it floats add another 200 grams of the sponge to the water and stir vigorously until it dissolves. Add 800 grams of bread flour and 200 grams of rye flour I use Hodgens Mill stone ground from Kroger. Then add three to four Tablespoons of caraway seeds. Mix it by hand,wooden spoon or dough whisk until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Cover with a kitchen towel. Let sit(autolyse) for 20 minutes. Add 20 grams of fine salt and mix with your hands pushing the salt throughout the dough.
I then move the dough to a clean large glass mixing bowl. I grab a side stretch it up ant over the middle and turn the bowl and do it again turning and pulling and stretching about 8 times. Cover the bowl and stretch and fold like this four more times every half hour for the first 2 hours. After the fold at 2 hours,cover the bowl with a towel and let it sit for 2 to three more hours.
Pull the dough out on the counter, lightly coat with flour take a bench scraper and cut in half. Flip the pieces flour side down. Pull the edges to the center and then form rounds turning and pulling the dough underneath simultaneously kind of making the top taught. After doing both,sprinkle with flour and cover with a towel for 25 minutes.
Sprinkle the rounds with a little more flour and flip them over.
Stretch one side out several inches and fold over center,then stretch the opposite side out several inches and fold over center grab the third side and pull it up over center toward you and finally pull the side nearest you up over center. Flip the round,seam side down and again turn and pull the top surface taught. I use floured bannetons but,if You don’t have any line medium bowls with linen towels and generously flour them. Flip each round seem side up into your banneton or bowl.
Cover with a towel and refrigerate for 12 to 18 hours.
Put a cast iron Dutch oven or as I do 2 in the oven and preheat to 500 degrees. After the oven comes up to temperature, take a square of parchment for each boule,flip out seam side down and slide into an aluminum pie pan. Take a very sharp blade a score a half inch deep triangle in the center of the loaf mine are usually about 3 inches across.
Mist each with 8 sprays of water from a spray bottle and either sprinkle with course sea salt or not. I usually salt one.
Now,for the dangerous part. I use long fireproof grilling gloves.
Pull one hot Dutch oven out pull the lid and slide the loaf into the screaming hot Dutch oven pulling the end of the parchment put the lid on and return to the oven. Do the second loaf if you have a second oven if not,bring the oven back up to 500 after the first loaf is done.
Set the timer for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off remove the lid/lids from the Dutch oven and bake another 8 to 10 minutes. The loaf should be pretty dark. Pull the Dutch oven out and use your ov gloves or a spatula to pull the bread out an put it on a cooling rack.
You really should let the bread cool completely before slicing !!!

Here are a couple of videos of my method for shaping boules…


The safest way that I have found for,adding my breads to screaming hot Dutch ovens…

I picked up this method from DeKay,along with an AMAZING spicy sourdough recipe here… It’s Science But,It Works Like Magic.Diablo Bread

Finally,pulling the boules from the oven!!!


Book reviews from Leite’s Culinaria

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A few of my favorite cookbooks that the folks at Leite’s Culinaria asked me to review.



Best Cookbooks March 2016




Best Cookbooks For August 2015




Best Cookbooks for November 2015




Best Cookbooks July 2016




Best Cookbooks September 2016


The Art Of The Pie

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The Art of the Pie is as visually arresting as ANY cookbook,ought be allowed.
The introduction alone is worth the price of admission. Within twenty eight pages,Kate McDermott enchants us with a bit of personal history,an abundance of basic terminology and,enough information to set us clearly on our path to pie Nirvana,Not to mention,some old fashioned wisdom And,a touch of therapeutic massaging of the soul.
I all at once found her words to be instructional,informative and honestly,touching.
The idea that she uses her baking as therapy and, as a Gauge on her relationship with the universe is truly WONDERFUL and,the fact that she has not only”put her finger on it” but can actually put this into words for the rest of us is,for me,delightful.
As I sit here,I have now had either my hardcover or,my Nook version with me at every turn. I have read,reread and read again,added bookmarks in both editions,and,plotted my course for pie GREATNESS. So many little things have Crept in to the corners of my baking obsessed brain. For instance,who knew that, using a flour coated piece of unbleached denim,to roll out your dough would save An abundance of tears and pouting,not to mention,the tearing and,sticking that has nearly ALWAYS haunted me in my few,past,feeble attempts at pie making.
I have finally created my first masterpiece using The Art of The Pie. I chose the “Quintessential Apple Pie” as the starting point for my pie journey. Being Autumn  in Georgia,this was an obvious choice. On good advice from the author,I used the “Traditional Art of The Pie all butter dough” I also used,mixed apples from Mercier Orchards in,Blue Ridge,GA. And the resulting pie is…Well,see for yourself!


The Quintessential Apple Pie From,The Art of The Pie by Kate McDermott.


A chicken pot pie in a cheddar cheese crust

The Bacon Goddess STRIKES AGAIN!

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My friend and Foodie Jenny Wall has made Candied Bacon,Chocolate Bacon and chocolate Potato Chips…ALL HAIL THE BACON GODDESS!!!



My secret for proofing Dough…

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When the weather turns cold…I let my Dough rise, either atop my warm oven or, if it is a small amount such as a Pizza Dough, I put it on top of my Bunn Coffee Maker which is ALWAYS warm!

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I always put a bit of Oil in a bowl and roll the Dough around in it and, then cover it with a clean kitchen towel to prevent a crust from forming.

No one Reads My Blog? So…It is My Own Personal Food Wallet! Wanna see Some Pictures Of My Kids???

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Baked instead of Fried, Fries?

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All that I wanted for dinner was French Fries.I usually don’t fry,Too messy and, VERY wasteful.You can bake ANYTHING that you can Fry…My apologies to Paula Deen!

Slice your Potato any way that Suits you…

Throw them around in a couple of Tablespoons of whatever Oil you wish…Peanut, would be Fab!

Spread them on a Baking sheet,Spice liberally with something tasty.I chose Salt Black Pepper and Thyme. Bake for an undetermined amount of time at 400, till brown and Crispy…

Dip them in Mayo or, Yellow Mustard or, Ranch or, B-Bque sauce or just douse them in Malt Vinegar as I have done.Even McDonald’s can’t top home made fries.For the meager investment of 15 minutes and a potato the payoff is SPECTACULAR!

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